Volunteer Opportunities

Product Management Committee (PMC)

What the Product Management Committee (PMC) Does

  • Encourage the implementation of new and/or innovative products
  • Facilitate the process of bringing new products to the market
  • Provides classification and review of new products for the Road Authority (TRA) website
  • Establish a consistent process for products management
  • Municipalities can immediately take advantage of the technical expertise provided by the PMC
  • Positive and meaningful collaboration with OPS and other municipal expertise
  • Central repository or go-to place for product information
  • Connecting the needs of the owner with their consultants, contractors and suppliers


Who is Needed


An OGRA Member is needed to become a member of the PMC and contribute their expertise to its mandate as noted above. A member is desired with technical knowledge regarding the design, construction and maintenance of civil infrastructure and products that may be used.

If you are interested or know someone who is interested please contact Hilda Esedebe at hilda@ogra.org or via phone at 289-291-6472 ext.23

The Ontario Good Roads Association wishes to acknowledge the many volunteers who give their time and expertise in delivering our many training programs.

We are always looking for more Volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please email us.