Appendix A - Statement of Claim

     Appendix B - Third Party Claim

     Appendix C - Third Party Defence 


Minimum maintenance standards were developed to provide municipalities with a defence against liability from actions arising with regard to levels of care on roads and bridges. Regulation 239/02, which came into force on November 1, 2002, contains the minimum maintenance standards. 

Ontario Regulation 239/02
Ontario Regulation 612/06

2013 Revisions 
OGRA's webinar from February 2013 highlighting the revisions is now available online! Please click here to view.
Retro-Reflectivity – Road Signs

One of the new provisions in the revised Minimum Maintenance Standards addresses the issue of the reflectivity of road signs and the need to inspect once per year. We have provided a link to the US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration as a good resource regarding how to properly carry out the inspections.

US DOT - FHA Sign Reflectivity Toolkit
Municipalities are ramping up for the 2011 annual inspections of their signs for retroreflectivity. 
There is confusion on what inspection process to use. 
There is discussion on what is acceptable. 
Risk managers are looking for all signs to meet requirements.
OGRA has prepared the document below; Minimum Maintenance Standards (MMS) – Retroreflectivity: Facts, Myths, Questions & Concerns

SIGN Retroreflectivity: Facts, Myths, Questions & Concerns