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Member Services Committee

2017/18 Member Services Committee Members


  • Michael Touw, OGRA Director, and Director of Public Works, Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands


  • Dave Burton, OGRA Director and Reeve, Municipality of Highlands East


  • Antoine Boucher, OGRA Director and Director of Public Works and Engineering, Municipality of East Ferris
  • Robert Burlie, Past President and Manager of Road Operations, Etobicoke/York District, City of Toronto
  • Andy Bruziewicz, OGRA Director and Councillor, City of Sarnia
  • Rick Kester, OGRA Director and CAO, City of Belleville
  • Paul Schoppmann, OGRA Director and Mayor, Municipality of St.-Charles
  • Ken Lauppé – Ex officio, President and Manager, Road Operations - East District, Public Works, City of Brampton


The Member Services Committee shall provide the Board of Directors with recommendations on a wide range of member services including education and training programs, infrastructure management services, information services and marketing/communications initiatives.

The committee shall:

  • Provide recommendations to the Board of Directors on new education and training programs
  • Pursue partnerships with contractor and supplier associations, professional associations, and educational institutions, wherever appropriate
  • Provides representation and input into the development of standards, policies and procedures regarding municipal transportation and public works
  • Provides recommendations on marketing/communications initiatives to the Board of Directors


The membership of the Policy Committee shall comprise:

  • Members of the Board of Directors as determined by the Board of Directors
  • A representative of the Municipal Engineer Association

Committee Chair
The Board of Directors shall appoint the chair of the committee at its meeting immediately following the Combined Conference.

The Board of Directors may appoint advisors to the committee, but these advisors shall not be voting members of the Member Services Committee. Advisors shall be appointed annually at the first meeting of the Board of Directors following the Combined Conference.